My Story

So this part of my site is supposed to be ‘about me,’ but get this… none of this is really about me! 

He must become greater; I must become less. John 3:30

Yet I will tell you this, I’m one of those girls who can lie awake for hours on end envisioning, reflecting and thinking. But, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I simply let these dreams and ideas linger in my mind. I’m always looking for tangible ways to creatively express my ideas and share how I understand the realities of the world around me. This involves learning from people and inviting others into my journey!

It’s my faith in Jesus that defines and directs every of this journey. After having spent two years abroad, I’m back home in Toronto and have no idea what’s next on the agenda, but I’m completely open and excited to see where God takes me. Did I mention that I’m a huge goofball who LOVES to laugh and that I’m also a diva who rarely shies away from a new challenge or adventure? And trust me when I say, walking daily with Jesus gives me my fair share of both. I am on the adventure of a lifetime!

My adventure allows me to try all sorts of things! My Interests Include:

Writing|Singing|Music|Designing|Speaking|Teaching|Reading| Travel|Mentoring and Discipleship|Church Ministry|Church Leadership|Global Missions|Social Justice|Leading Worship|Exploring various Cultures|Event Planning|Popular Culture| Make-up|Fashion|Dessert|Netflixs|Pinterest|Social Media|Lover of the sweet and spicy|

In all of this, my greatest desire in life is simply:

To know God and make Him Known.

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