Errrbody Likes Kung Fu Fighting: Martial Arts, Jui Jitsu and Pressure Points


Martial Arts

So my intent is not to kick you in the face, I just wanted to get your attention (and reminisce about my former dreams of being Sonya Blade from Mortal Combat). But why my seemingly unorthodox interest in Martial Arts and Jui Jitsu you ask? Well, it’s because I’m interested in the concept of pressure points. A Japanese samurai by the name of Minamoto no Yoshimitsu, was the first to introduce the idea of pressure points into various forms of self defense and combat fighting. 

Pressure points are sensitive points on the human body where even the slightest bit of pressure applied may induce pain. There are a variety of pressure points on the body and when pressure is applied to each area it produces a different reaction- sometimes the pain can be marginal, while other times the resulting pain can cause serious damage or injury. Those who practice Martial arts and Jui Jitsu often use the concept of pressure points as a method of exploiting a weakness or vulnerability in the human body to gain an advantage over the opponent during combat.

But pressure points aren’t just on our body, they manifest themselves in all facets of our lives: education, finances, family, marriage, singleness, infertility, career (the list goes on) and it’s often unavoidable! At some point we all undergo some kind of pressure and the pressure can result in pain… sometimes a little pain and sometimes a lot of pain! 

Our opponent Satan is sly and cunning. Like any great opponent in Martial Arts or Jui Jitsu, he knows the pressure points in our lives and he knows them well. He knows just how much pressure to apply and he knows the right time to apply the pressure leaving us vulnerable and prone to greater attack. The pressure our opponent applies can elicit natural human responses: fear, anxiety, worry, doubt or sadness. Satan’s purpose, like any opponent, is to know our pressure points and use them to knock us down.

It’s not just attackers who know about pressure points, physicians know about them too. Not only were pressure points used as a method of attack in Martial Arts and Jui Jitsu, but they were also used in traditional Chinese medicine as a method of healing. In traditional Chinese medicine it was believed that pressure applied by a physician on these sensitive areas could restore balance, increase blood circulation and energize the body.

Amazing isn’t it, how pressure exerted on the same vulnerable area in two different ways, by two different people is meant to evoke different reactions?

If Satan our enemy knows our pressure points, how much more will God, our creator know our pressure points? When God, our Father, creator and Great Physician allows pressure to be applied to the sensitive areas of our lives, His intent is not to disarm us, but rather to restore us through His redemptive healing measures. Sometimes the pain from the pressure applied will be short lived, sometimes the pain from pressure applied will last for a while. But the purpose of the pressure applied by our Great Physician is radically different from our opponent- He knows our pressure points and uses them to build us up, develop stamina and make us stronger. 

I’m not sure what or how pressure points manifest themselves in your life. Sometimes the pressure comes from the people around you, sometimes they come from your circumstances, failure, or maybe the pressure lies within yourself. Yes, the opponent is using those to break you, but rest assured our Great Physician wants to use those pressure points to perform His healing work in you and build you in a way you could never have imagined. 

So right now take a minute to identify those pressure points. It’s okay to feel the pain. But remember to breathe. When you feel like the enemy is knocking you down, allow the Great Physician to enter in and touch those hurt places. Remember the pressure is being applied for a reason. Just trust your Great Physician.



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